Thursday, 11 February 2010

Buy "A Hand for Haiti" E-recipe book NOW!

Lauren who blogs at Celiacteen has pulled together a collection of recipes donated by bloggers from all around the world, which is being sold to raise funds for the Red Cross in Haiti.

This is a collection of over 85 recipes and more than half of them are gluten free.  Every one needs a few gluten free recipes in their collection so what a great way to gain a few new recipes as well as a chance to discover lots of food bloggers from all around the globe.
This is a great cause, and really we are lucky to be rewarded with so many great recipes for such a small donation. 

The book sells for a minimum of $10 Canadian dollars, but when you consider that $15 Canadian dollars is still less than £10, this book is worth at least $15 Canadian dollars of every-one's money.

PLEASE BUY THIS TODAY - if you buy before the end of FRIDAY 12th FEBRUARY,  the Canadian government will MATCH each donation that you make.  Really!  So, spend a tenner, get a cook book and the warm cosy feeling of knowing that $30 Canadian dollars will be donated to the Red Cross for Haiti.

There isn't much more to say, just buy it!

Thank you :)

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